The Qatari private sector is an authentic partner in the cultural renaissance

Hassan Bin Mohammed Center for Historical Studies
In this context, His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani, founder of the Hassan bin Mohammed Center for Historical Studies, explained in exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that the establishment of the center in 1997 culminated in his passion for books and documents and his interest in collecting anecdotal publications and manuscripts, and the writings of travelers. Westerners who visited the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to local, English, Ottoman and other documents, and fulfilled his dream of collecting the sources of Qatar’s history from manuscripts, pictures, maps, documents and anecdotes of publications, working on translating documents, realizing manuscripts that serve the history of Qatar, and making them available through print and electronic publishing, in addition to To conduct historical and heritage research and studies.

He added: The center aims to collect and provide historical sources related to the history of Qatar and the Arabian Peninsula, collect historical oral material and drafts on the history of Qatar, acquire written historical sources for historians of the Arabian Peninsula, prepare research and historical and heritage studies, provide consultations, and provide researchers and institutions concerned with information and historical testimonies. documenting, publishing and translating historical sources related to the history of Qatar and the region, spreading awareness of Qatar’s history among new generations, and organizing specialized seminars and exhibitions.

He continued..Hassan Bin Muhammad Center works to enrich cultural, scientific and knowledge research by issuing the Journal of Rewaq History and Heritage, which is a specialized quarterly scholarly journal concerned with history and heritage, as well as publishing a number of books, which are sources for the history of the Arabian Peninsula and the Arabian Gulf, and it has brought in a number of scholars. And researchers and those interested in the history of the region to give lectures and hold symposia, including “Makki Calligraphy in the First Three Centuries as the Basis of Weighted Calligraphy”, “Qatari-Russian Relations.. Papers from the Russian Archives”, “Qatar in Documents in International Archives”, “Personal Blogs… a source for writing History, the blogs of the ruling family in Qatar as a model.

Among the Center’s publications are the book “Nur al-Dalalah by Fakhr al-Din al-Khalati.. Arithmetic Algebra in the Thirteenth Century” authored by Fakhr al-Din Abdul Aziz bin Abdul-Jabbar al-Khalati, and the book “An Article on Gout” by Abu Bakr al-Razi, and “The Book of What is the Effect that Appears on the Moon’s Face” Abu Al-Hasan bin Al-Haytham, and translation of the book “Selections from the Documents of the Bombay Government”, Volume Twenty-four relating to the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Center provides its services to the Qatari community through its publications, seminars, discussions, and through its pages on the Internet, and various social networking sites with the aim of developing awareness of Qatari history and heritage, especially among the younger generation. For a number of Qatari institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Day Celebrations Organizing Committee, Qatar University, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and the Qatar Publishers Forum, and makes its library and archive available to graduate students.

Regarding the center's future projects, His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani said: The center is in the process of translating, editing and publishing collections of documents from the National Archives in Delhi - India, and documents from the Ottoman Prime Ministry archive in Istanbul - Turkey, in addition to French, Dutch and other documents, and the center also adopts A project to collect oral historical narratives from Qatari elderly people, who recount their memories of historical events and years that the people of Qatar passed through in the past.

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