The Arabic Translation of “Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government” (Nov. 2017)

The center issued the first Arabic translation of the book “Selections from the Records of Bombay Government”. It consists of economic, social, historical and cadastral geographical reports about Persian Gulf and Eastern Arabia until 1856, when the book was printed for the first time. These reports were written by Political Residents and British Agents who were interested in making concise and condensed reports on the region and its political, geographical, social and economic conditions. They also made reports contain historical information about the tribes, regions, cities and Sheikdoms, in addition to cadastral reports that deals with ports and the relations of the British East India Company, Government of India and Government of London with the tribes of the region. They made reports on slave trade and on copies of treaties with Imam of Muscat and the Arabian Coast sheiks as well.


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