The Center Participated in the 28th Doha International Book Fair (Nov. 2017)

            The center participated in Doha International Book Fair, at its 28th session from 29th November to 5th December, entitled “An Aware Society”. This session was marked by the participation of publishing houses representing many countries and by the largest number of visitors, which exceeded one million. The center exhibited its issues, the last of which was “Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government. This book consists of reports written by the Resident and Political Agents on the Persian Gulf until 1856, when the book was printed for the first time. The works “Sabayek al-Asjad”, “Majmo’a al-Fadail”, “Al-Jabr Al-Hisabi” and “Al-Hajj min Qatar Qadiman” were among the exhibited publications, in addition to the issues of Rewaq of History and Heritage Magazine.


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