The fourth issue of "The Journal of History & Heritage" (June 2017)

This issue contains a number of research studies in the field of history and Islamic legacy.

Canadian archaeologist Anita Bordet analyzes the British Naval Archives under the title:"Assessment of the official Records of the Gulf, the Arabian Sea & the Red Sea 1798-1960". The main purpose of this paper is to find out the differences between archival collections preserved in the British Navy Archives, in order to observe those occurrences happened in the region during the period under review.

German professor Albrist Voss & Egyptian research fellow Ahmed Sheer tried to obtain the answers to the questions "How the legend of the priest John influenced the conflict between Muslims and Christians and its effects on the East and the West?" in their research paper under the title "The conflict between Christians and Muslims between fact and myth".

Egyptian professor Ahmed Fuad Pasha in his research paper "Methodology for dealing with Islamic legacy in the history of civilization", discusses the ability of Islamic legacy to give birth to a new civilization if it is to be dealt with rational principles and methodologies which can recognize the imperative need of its revivalin the light of current facts and future expectations.

Turkish professor Zakaria Korshon provides some important evidences in his paper titled "Is the map of Tigris and Euphrates rivers illustrated and sketched by Olia Chalabi", through a careful comparative study of the map and the contents of Olia Chalabi's Travel Account. He tried to prove that the map was illustrated either by his hand or by someone else under his supervision.

Dr. Hilmi reviews in his paper the most famous naval ships used in the Arabian Gulf and its naval activities during the 18th and 19th centuries. He also tried to define its types, nationalities and descriptions.

In his paper "Islam and Muslims in the Western imagination", Dr. Hatem El-Tahawy examines the set of methods to avoid the hostile observations of Europe towards Islam and Muslims by providing positive stories about Islam and Muslims narrated by two illiterate European prisoner of war.



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