The Center organizes a symposium on the Awam Temple considering archaeological discoveries.

The center hosted Dr. Muhammad Marqatan, a researcher at the Brendan Borg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin - Germany, where he gave a lecture on the Awam Temple (Muharram of Bilqis), near Ma'rib in Yemen, considering recent archaeological discoveries. This temple is considered the most important temple in the Arabian Peninsula. The lecturer reviewed the most important archaeological discoveries and inscriptions in the temple, where parts of the temple and hundreds of inscriptions were uncovered, many of which the lecturer documented in the field, during the excavations of the American Foundation for the Study of Man between the years 1998-2006, and Ma’rib was a holy city in the State of Sheba. The Awam Temple (Muharram Bilqis) in ancient Yemen played an important role as a pilgrimage center, and people came from all over Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula to visit, ask for intercession and protection from the main Sabaean God, the god Almqa, and to perform Hajj. The lecturer participated in ten seasons of Awam Temple excavations and published many of them. The Awam Temple contains a huge "library" of Sabaean inscriptions that includes about 800 inscriptions, which trace their origins to this temple. These inscriptions are considered the most important source for studying the history of ancient Yemen, and an important source for studying the history of the Arabs before Islam.


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